It went like this: Someone on Twitter looked at the team page, and jokingly said that I should put the quote about the massive pile of climbing on a T-shirt. And I said heh, yeah (right). But then someone else said they’d buy it. And someone else did, too.

I said well, that’s great, but no-one offers a service where I can just upload a design and people can order T-shirts with part of the money going direct to a charity. But then the first person pointed out that someone does: TBoom.

I thought I’d call everyone’s bluff, and did a quick pencil scribble. A few minutes later, through the magic of a cameraphone, that scribble was in Inkscape with the quote behind it, and the first draft was waved under people’s noses. And their bluff was called. And now not only are they all morally obliged to buy a T-shirt even if they don’t like the colour, but you’ve got the opportunity to buy one too.

There are three designs to choose from.

You can buy the grey Le Jour de France logo shirt here, and there are two variants of the blue Massive Pile of Climbing shirt: the “and that’s the way I like it” version here and the “and I don’t really like climbing” version here. All are available in unisex (£15) and “lady fit” (£16), and the blue shirts are also available in kids’ sizes (£13). Don’t ask why the grey one isn’t: I don’t know.

Over £5 from each shirt goes directly to Amnesty UK. Hell, if we only sell one then that’s £5 for a great cause. (We get nothing, of course.)

I’ve not used TBoom before so I can’t personally vouch for the quality. If and when I order some myself, I’ll let you know.

They’re only available until 31 July, so you’ll need to order by the end of the month.

Here’s the Massive Pile of Climbing “and that’s the way I like it” design in more detail.



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