Ten days on from this year’s event, it’s time to thank you all for the amazing support. Already we’ve reached our fundraising target of £5,000, which is great news. 134 of you donated, and that’s hugely impressive. To the family and friends of everyone who took part: thankyou. And to those who merely read about us on the internet: thankyou. It’s usually hard to drum up support from people with little or no real-world connection to the people undertaking the challenge, but you’ve been outstanding.

And what a challenge it was. None of us were really sure how it would go. As it turned out, we all completed the Club des Cinglés awards that we signed up for, but not one of us was both willing and able to go beyond that. The idea of trying to do as many ascents as possible was a gamble from the start, but Ventoux is a curious beast and not a small endeavour: had we been attempting a dozen or so ascents of something a third of the size we may have pushed ourselves to breaking point, but when the night falls and the wind rises and fatigue kicks in, “just one more” is a sizeable and potentially risky step.


For more photos, see our Flickr group. (At the time of writing, there are more to come.)

Don’t forget that you can still order T-shirts: for climbing lovers, climbing haters, and people who don’t care about climbing, but only until the end of July. Over £5 from each T-shirt goes to Amnesty UK.

Finally, thank you not just to those who donated to Amnesty, but those who spread the word, and those who donated prizes to the draw. It’s all been a huge help. And, as ever, a special thankyou to The Ride Journal whose support is always unsurpassed.

And so the curtain falls on this year’s event. Le Jour de France has now raised over £21,000 so far, and you are the reason for that.

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