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We’ve got some great news. Schwag is back! Pledge (and donate) at least £5 and you’ll get a code to enter the prize draw. And we’ve got some great prizes, nine in total; keep reading to find out what they are…

Your prize draw code will appear below if you’re logged in. Can’t see one yet? All you need to do is make a pledge; for further details, read on.

You'll need to log in or register and make a pledge before you can get a prize draw code.

How it works

  1. Make a pledge of at least 15p per ascent or £5 as a fixed pledge.
  2. Come back here and pick up your raffle ticket.
  3. When you make your donation (minimum £5) via JustGiving, be sure to enter your prize draw code in the comment.

If something goes wrong, like you forget to put your code in your JustGiving comment, then email us and we’ll do our best to help you out. As long as we can confidently trace your donation back to your user account on here, we’ll be able to sort it. (If in doubt, tick the “make my email address visible to…” box when you make your donation, because we’ll be able to use that.)

We’ll draw the winners on (at least, no earlier than) Monday 20 July, so you’ll have a week after the event to make your donation and qualify for the draw. If you win anything you’ll be notified by email, and we’ll also put the list of winning tickets up on this page.

Good luck!

The prizes


Thanks to the wonderful folk at Trek UK, one lucky winner will receive not only a pair of Bontrager Velocis road shoes but also a Bontrager Velocis helmet to match. That’s a prize worth well over £300! The winner will get to choose the size and colour of both, including the awesomely loud “electric salmon” shoes.


roadcc-logo-1 is our favourite road cycling site, and the people who live inside it and make it work are so generous that they came offering prizes before we’d even asked.

They’ve put together a bumper box of cycling goodies, including:

  • a Bontrager Flare rear light,
  • a Castelli jersey,
  • a pair of Lusso socks,
  • a Buff,
  • a T-shirt,
  • a box of Honey Stinger waffles,
  • a book about coffee (mmm, coffee) and
  • some “Cyclists Stay Awesome” stickers

We don’t know how much that’s worth but it’s certainly worth winning. One lucky winner gets the whole box!


We knocked on Castelli’s door because they’re great folks who make great kit. Simple as that. They’re offering a heap of spot prizes, including:

  • a Bellissima women’s top (S, RRP £70),
  • a Retro cap (RRP £15),
  • a Performance cap (RRP £20),
  • a Summer Skullcap (RRP £18),
  • a pair of Aero Speed gloves (XL, RRP £35),
  • a pair of T1 triathlon socks (L/XL, RRP £13) and
  • a pair of Free socks (L/XL, RRP £14)

That’s £185 worth of top Italian kit up for grabs! Schwagissimo! Each of these is a separate prize, so you’ve got seven chances to win some Castelli performance.

The small print

Prizes are only offered to UK residents. Le Jour de France 2015 participants and their relatives are ineligible for the prize draw. Our supporters have the right to withdraw or change prizes if necessary. No more than one prize will be given per code and no more than one code may be held per person: anyone found trying to obtain multiple codes will have all codes voided.

Any questions? Just drop us a line.

The draw

We’ve now drawn our winning tickets! The following codes were confirmed by the closing date of 5pm Monday 20 July and went into the draw:

P99D, P111D, P112D, P114D, P116D, P117D, P119D, P121D, P124D, P125D, P126D, P128D, P129D, P130D, P133D, P134D, P135D, P137D, P140D, P142D, P143D, P145D, P150D, P178D, P136D, P138D, P139D, P147D, P151D, P154D, P156D, P161D, P162D, P163D, P165D, P166D, P168D, P172D, P174D, P175D, P177D, P179D, P180D, P183D, P184D, P186D, P190D, P196D, P197D, P198D, P199D, P200D, P203D, P211D, P215D, P219D, P212D, P218D, P220D, P222D, P226D, P227D, P228D, P229D, P230D, P231D.

Each ticket was folded twice, placed into a tin which was shaken, and then drawn without looking. If you are a conspiracy theorist and want to see the draw in action, here’s a low-res video of it. A high res version is available if anyone from the United Nations, the European Court of Human Rights or The Milk Marketing Board needs to apply a more rigorous level of scrutiny.

The winning tickets are as follows:

Castelli Cafe prizes:

  • Free socks: P184D
  • T1 socks: P125D
  • Aero Speed gloves: P228D
  • Summer skullcap: P143D
  • Performance cap: P220D
  • Retro cap: P138D
  • Bellissima jersey: P134D prize:

  • Box of schwag: P218D

Bontrager prize:

  • Velocis helmet and shoes: P178D

We’ll be in touch with all the winners by email.

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